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Milano CiclABILE è un progetto di  social e public design teso a promuovere la mobilità sostenibile incrementando l’utilizzo della bicicletta in città, attraverso l’impegno dei singoli cittadini e della pubblica amministrazione in una fattiva reciproca collaborazione. Un progetto che guarda all’etica e all’impegno del singolo come parte di un tutto, per migliorare la vivibilità urbana.

Milano CiclABILE è stato parzialmente messo in atto a Milano durante il FuoriSalone 2008 in partership con la prestigiosa rivista “INTERNI” e con il patrocinio dell’assessore al Traffico e Ambiente del Comune di Milano, Edoardo Croci.

Milano CiclABILE nasceva per stimolare la mobilità sostenibile e un nuovo umanesimo in città, prima ancora che si parlasse di Bike Sharing.

È un gioco, ma cercava di mettere in rapporto le diverse utenze della strada, e cercava di produrre tra queste dei cambiamenti di relazione, creando inoltre un’occasione di contatto e collaborazione tra Pubblica Amministrazione e cittadini.

Milano CiclABILE is a social and public design project aimed at promoting sustainable mobility by increasing the use of bicycles in the city, through the commitment of individual citizens and the public administration in an effective mutual collaboration.

A project that looks at the ethics and commitment of the individual as part of an entire, to improve urban livability. .

Milan CiclABILE was partially put in place in Milan during the FuoriSalone 2008 in partrship with the prestigious magazine “INTERNI” and with the patronage of the Councilor for Traffic  and Environment of the City of  Milan, Edoardo  Croci.

 Milan ciclABILE  (ciclabile means biking path, but in this case it plays on the double sense in Italian, because cicl is part of italian for bicycle, and abile means capable) – is an award winning project: third Prize and three honorable mentions at the 2008 Green Dot Awards in Los Angeles, Ca. 

Milan CiclABILE was born to stimulate sustainable mobility as well as a new humanism in the city, even before starting to talk about Bike Sharing. It was a game, but it tried to connect the different users of the street and tried to produce among these a change of relationship, also creating an opportunity for contact and collaboration between Public Administration and citizens. 




Carolina Nisivoccia architetto of Italy was Awarded: Third Prize in services Transportation and honorable mentions in services Entertainment and Culture, Concept, Transportation, for the entry titled, ” Milano CiclAbile .”

The jury selected winners from thousands of entries from over 25 countries.

The Green Dot Awards™ strive to reward and promote forward-thinking businesses that create environmentally friendly products or services, and to reward revolutionary green proposals.

Recognizing that human activity is causing dramatic environmental change, we must ensure that we act today to protect tomorrow’s environment. Businesses and organizations have become especially aware of the impact that their practices have on the well-being of the planet and many are acting to adopt more sustainable attitudes. The purpose of Green Dot is to reward those who practice excellence in environmental responsibility.

Although the Green Dot Awards are worthy themselves, they are also a consumer guide to excellence in environmentally-sustainable practices. A business with a Green Dot Award is a business that can be trusted by consumers with a stewardship of the environment. Recognition from the Green Dot Awards allows businesses to promote their products and services as items that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally friendly manner.

Green Dot Awards was Juried by experts in the industry: Kyle D. Brown, Ph.D., Director, John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, California State Polytechnic University – Daniel D. Chiras, Ph.D., Author of The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy, The New Ecological Home, The Solar House, The Natural House, Superbia! 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods, and The Natural Plaster Book – Peo Ekberg, Environmental Consultant for Sustainability and Lifestyle CO2 Adviser – Dave Evans, Author of Cool Green Stuff: A Guide to Finding Great Recycled, Sustainable, Renewable Objects You Will Love – Steven Foster, President of the Steven Foster Group and commercial consultant for eco-sustainability – Christine Mason McCaull, Co-founded GoGreen Online, and Go GreenTV – Shelagh McNally, Editor at Green Living Online & Green Living Enterprises

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